Shimoku joins Shokworks ecosystem as first step towards taking on US Market

AI for customer centric companies

Actionable AI, Explainability, Machine Learning and Data as an asset are no longer empty words. With Shimoku Platform: companies, business teams and developers can leverage AI solutions with a sharp return on investment
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Trusted by tens of companies of all sizes from Europe and USA


At Shimoku we create products to make your company's life easier, and make data-driven decisions.

Optimize your marketing and sales performance

A platform that offers a catalog of Artificial Intelligence powered modules that allow you to optimize every step of your customer lifecycle from lead scoring to churn, including predictions of lifetime value, upselling, cross-selling, discount personalization and more. All with explainability to understand the drivers and barriers.

Create data-driven products in minutes. For Python developers

By opening Shimoku technology through an API we are allowing all the community to build AI SaaS as we have been doing for the last years. Python developers can perform as a whole IT & Data team with Shimoku

Single-line Machine Learning for non-experts

Without a data scientist, transform your tabular data into Machine Learning models ready to be plugged through API or directly connected to Shimoku AI Apps.

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USA and Europe media features Shimoku

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Shimoku philosophy is to ensure that Performance and Aesthetic stay inseparable

Build & Manage Data Products with Shimoku fast & with confidence. We skyrocket the way our clients develop Data Products:

  • check Unlimited number of users for free
  • check No Back-end / Front-end / DevOps / DS required
  • k Machine Learning in minutes
  • check Real time data flow
  • check World class visuals and charts
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