Build Data Products in hours rather than years.

We allow you to build Data Products in hours & also give you the chance to create Predictive Analytics Products with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to predict churn, cohorts, predict sessions & next purchases, anomalies or demand planing in a blink of an eye!

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Trusted by tens of companies

Freedom for data teams.
No more overengineering.

It usually takes large teams to create a good data service.
With Shimoku App Data Creator a single expert can do miracles. Simple.

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New data team with shimoku, only one data engineer!
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We are a cornerstone of your Data mesh to build Data & AI products fast

Build & Manage Data Products with Shimoku fast & with confidence. We skyrocket the way our clients develop Data Products:

  • check Unlimited number of users for free
  • check Scalable Progressive Web App
  • check API-first
  • check No Back-end / Front-end / DevOps required
  • check Real time data flow allowed
  • check Setup Machine Learning Apps in minutes
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Low-code API to build Data Apps & AI Apps

· No Frontend, no Backend, no DevOps required.
· Any programming language.
· A progressive web app in hours.

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Get inspired by these stories.

Real stories from
Real customers

F&K has launched 65K email marketing campaigns (...) These segmented and conversion automated email campaigns augmented LTV a 32% and the acquisition campaigns ROI a +25% thanks to Shimoku’s AI.

Jaume Betrian

Managing Director Flax&Kale

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With Shimoku’s Data App Creator, Whispers has been able to advance with their product launch an MVP in Austria and start working with their first clients in few days. Reducing the time to market by 6 months.

Daniel Castejón

CEO&Founder Whispers

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Sophistication in data apps backend and simplicity in the frontend = all in one! Now, every customer and member of our company can access interpretable data, monitor it and understand it.

Jaume Pla


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