A SaaS with Actionable AI in days

Have you been thinking about creating a SaaS for Data & Analytics for your clients? Do you want to differentiate optimizing your marketing and sales and boost loyalty, profits and your revenue at the same time with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

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Trusted by tens of companies of all sizes from Europe and USA

Churn prediction suite

· Predict users that will not purchase again
· Simulate and find what actions maximize retention

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Lead scoring prediction suite

· Predict leads with high probability to purchase
. Simulate and find touchpoint with better outcome

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Upselling prediction suite

· Predict best products to offer for every client
. Increase average order value

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How do our Machine Learning Apps works?

Connect our existing suites to your email marketing tools or your CRM and improve your digital performance, enabling higher conversion rates.

Integrate in 5 minutes via API.

Start having predictions in few weeks

Start actioniting through email marketing and sales actions

We can do it for you!

Shimoku's customization team help companies all around the globe to create their Analytics solutions faster and at a lower price than any other offering in the world

Success cases

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