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with 20 lines of Python code you have a whole React SaaS online with everything (a product ready to be sold): the login, roles and user handling, real time or batch analytics with a richer variety of charts and menu flow between pages!

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Meeting doctors
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Conventus Capital LLC

Trusted by tens of companies of all sizes from Europe and USA

A platform for all your analytics tools

Imagine to create an Analytics SaaS product for internal use and also for your users and clients that can be embedded in your SaaS in 1 day with a single junior developer? This is Shimoku power!

Python developers become gods

- Login and secured control access
- Roles and user handling
- Unlinmited number of users for free
- Real time (milliseconds latencies)
- Richer variety of charts and menu flow between pages

Have you tried Plotly or Streamlit? It is time to upgrade!

We can do it for you!

Shimoku's customization team help companies all around the globe to create their Analytics solutions faster and at a lower price than any other offering in the world

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