Create a Data App with our SDK in hours

Shimoku gives freedom to Data Engineers so that they can create their own SaaS Product without requiring IT, all what you need is to connect to our API or SDK and start building. You can also create AI Apps without scarce data scientists

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AI Apps with Predictions in ONE line of code

With our SDK to create a Data App takes 20 lines of code. You do not need to know anything about Front-End nor Back-End nor DevOps. Moreover you can add predictive pages and components with a single line of code

Connect to our SDK

With our token you can connect to our SDK and start developing your Data App, you can have an MVP in a single day!

Machine Learning Analytics

You do not need a Data Scientist to add predictions to your Analytics tool

Tens of components

Count on all the analytics components that you may wish to build your perfect Data App

Low-code API to build Data Apps & AI Apps

· No Frontend, no Backend, no DevOps required.
· Any programming language.
· A progressive web app in hours.

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Code snipet with low-code exampleThe tags inside the low-code to build data apps

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Don't be left in doubt. We know that we are a complex and
new product, any doubt is welcome.

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