Predict users Fraud

Shimoku Actionable Artificial Intelligence gives you more than Real Time fraud prediction for every user: also the why's and a simulator so that you can apply actions that maximize profits!

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Trusted by tens of companies of all sizes from Europe and USA

Accurate fraud prediction

What is the probability of users to fraud on loans? What is the impact of different actions to get them to pay? What are best actions for every individual? Get fraud hyperpersonalized predictions

Drivers & Barriers

The power of knowing more in detail the entire set of values that give importance to fraud.
Explainability shows you the sweet points so that you get to the correct answer with the maximum probability of success.

Simulate predictions on real-time & optimize it

The operational results help us determine individual actions, thanks to knowing the individual impacts for each specific case.
We can see the most relevant impact variables, these variables can change completely from one user to another, since the impact they have for each one is unique.

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