Do you need an Analytics SaaS? We do it for you

Google says that almost 50% of the world companies want to share data with their clients and providers, and most of them would like to share predictions. We are the world lead in building Predictive Analytics tools

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Trusted by tens of companies

We build your Data Product

Shimoku team has built Data & AI Apps for a rich variety of sectors, from Tier 1 companies (the largest digital company in Spain) to Tier 4 that want to scale their business thanks to the raise of the data economy

We can build on demand your Data Product MVP and you can take the control of it at any point thanks to our API

Marketing tools integrated

Integrate with your marketing tools in a jiffy, with few clicks and start counting on Actionable AI

Battle tested

With our patented technology we have given service to a broad number of industries and companies of all sizes

Deep tech

Real Time, Artificial intelligence we can add the most advanced technology to your Data App

Low-code API to build Data Apps & AI Apps

· No Frontend, no Backend, no DevOps required.
· Any programming language.
· A progressive web app in hours.

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Code snipet with low-code exampleThe tags inside the low-code to build data apps

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Don't be left in doubt. We know that we are a complex and
new product, any doubt is welcome.

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