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What am I going to see?

Our first meeting will consist of assessing the current situation of your company, identifying how our solutions can help you boost your revenue with AI. We will show you our product catalog developed to find the solution tailored to you and your needs and objectives.

Who will make the presentation?

At Shimoku you will meet our Account Executive, who will be the person in charge of leading the presentation, explaining our service, assessing your situation and understanding how your project can fit with our solution, drawing the conclusions of your pain according to your moment.

Will we be able to see Use Cases?

Of course. This is one of the points to be discussed at the meeting. We know that it is easier to understand the services and benefits we can provide when it is a practical case and we allow you to see the results, so in the presentation we will show you at least one Success Case example from your industry so you can get an idea of what we can provide and what the impact would be.

What is the level of accuracy I can expect from your technology?

Our artificial intelligence technology offers a high level of accuracy and efficiency, with an accuracy rate of 80%. We have achieved this result through a rigorous approach to training and validation of our algorithms. Our team of experts will work closely with your company to fine-tune our technology to maximize accuracy and efficiency for your particular use case.

What are the key advantages of Shimoku over other options on the market?

Explainability allows you to understand the why's of the prediction so that you can have valuable insights to activate predictions that have a direct impact in producing revenue