The breakout

December 12, 2023

welcome to the new Data Product era

That is why we thought of a unique architecture, one that would give me, and anyone else in the same situation, the autonomy a data specialist (data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, or some IT persona with an interest in analytics) needs to be a high performer:  fast, independent and free.

On top of that architecture we added an enriching layer of sophisticated Machine Learning. And that is how Shimoku was born.

Imagine now taking the best of all of the previous alternatives. Reducing the number of profiles needed to 1, still having a solution built with PWA technologies that can scale to any number of users and not needing an army of data analysts to be maintained. This dream is called Shimoku.

Imagine creating a serverless data app based on PWA technologies using just an API, with no need to think of the storage, or front-end, no need to know about callbacks or Kubernetes as is required in Dash, no need to have a storage system besides your Streamlit. Basically you do not need any IT support. You just post your data to our API and boom! It just happens.

To create Data apps and AI apps you do not need IT people anymore.
And this is Shimoku Analytics.

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