How Shimoku increased sales in the Automotive Industry

The client is a car manufacturer and one of the largest global companies in the automotive sector. We are unable to disclose the identity of the client.

The Solution

Increasing Sales with Artificial Intelligence

At Shimoku, we developed an AI Lead Scoring model that helped our client identify the conversion probability for each lead to each vehicle. Additionally, these predictions were accompanied by insights into the reasons (drivers & barriers), providing sales teams with a broader context to provide greater personalization, value, and monetize opportunities with higher conversion potential. This solution allowed them to save time in response, address all requests for information from potential customers, and streamline proposal development.

At the core of our solution lies an actionability layer that bridges the gap between data insights and tangible business outcomes. Shimoku firmly upholds the belief that the true prowess of AI extends beyond data comprehension; it lies in its ability to instigate actionable change within a company's operations.

Conventional analytics often leave businesses submerged in an ocean of data, struggling to distill actionable insights that can drive real change. Our approach revolutionizes this narrative by not only providing valuable model insights but also enabling businesses to swiftly translate them into concrete actions, thereby driving both monetization and operational efficiency.

Our solution harnesses the power of Generative AI technology to automate the offer creation process. Gone are the days of generic, one-size-fits-all promotions. Our AI solution analyzes vast amounts of customer data and model outcomes to craft automatically hyper-personalized offers tailored to each individual which are then seamlessly delivered to them via email.

In the automotive industry, the actionability layer enabled the automatic generation of vehicle offers tailored to customers with a higher likelihood of conversion. This streamlined approach optimized conversion rates and improved commercial efficiency.

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