How Declarando unlocked new revenue opportunities with Shimoku's Lead Scoring Prediction

Declarando is a technology company with a Software as a Service business model that provides a tax advisory solution for freelancers and small businesses. It offers a solution that simplifies tax filing, income planning, expense tracking and management, accounting, and financial advice.

The Solution

Maximizing Lead Conversion

At Shimoku, we developed an Artificial Intelligence solution that helped Declarando identify new revenue opportunities in their data. We designed a Lead Scoring model that generated a prioritized list of leads based on the probability of conversion to a customer.

Additionally, these predictions were accompanied by insights into the reasons (drivers & barriers), providing sales teams with a broader context to provide greater personalization, value, and monetize opportunities with the highest conversion potential. This solution allowed them to save time on prospecting and accelerated deal closures, increasing revenue for the company.

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