Product updates Q1-Q2

December 12, 2023


We believe in a tool that allows anyone to create Machine Learning that can reach business users frictionlessly. In that pursuit we are driven by the following features to change the world:

  • Minimize time to create AI Apps so that Gartner stops claiming that 85% ML initiatives fail
  • Simplify the usage of our technology so that junior developers can outperform
  • Offer a superior UX & UI, because Data Apps must be beautiful and usable
  • Curate Machine Learning so that it is useful for any company anywhere.



Now you can have all the flexibility of REACT with Shimoku. Set components based on standards that allow to tune every single component vertical and horizontal size as well as the padding for maximum personalization.

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Drawer Update

Collapse the menu path and nest the different pages to achieve a superior visual experience

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Side Menu

Multi Filters

Dynamically filter data from components based on multiple features (columns) from that data was a missed key feature for us.

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You can view your updated data at all times without having to reload the view.

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UI update phase I

The best in the market Data App Creator must have the best in the market User Interface. Shimoku is now superior to any other visualization tool in the market with new and hyper-tuned icons, color palette, borders and shadows, aesthetic loading and curated components. And everything is personalizable!

Theme personalization

There are few or none tools out there that allow companies to tune the theme, colors so that brands can bring their own analytics to their clients, respecting their own NDA. Shimoku is the first in the market to put the focus on it!


Predictive Components via SDK

Now you can take advantage of Shimoku’s Auto Machine Learning to create your own AI suites, adding predictions on the fly with a single command line.

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AI apps

Predictive Suites via SDK

Creating programmatically all Shimoku suites is possible so that now any business unit, whatsoever its Single Source of Truth can connect and use Shimoku Suites effectively.

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AI apps

Anomaly detection

Our new suite allows businesses to track any KPI automatically without any need of anyone checking the numbers. Also allowing to use the machine learning of this suite is key to keep empowering the usage of Machine Learning by business teams.

Free echarts

How big is our charts catalog? Over a hundred React charts available thanks to eCharts! And all customizable thanks to eCharts potential, more than any other Data App tool in the market!

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Customize on shimoku

Input form component

Now Data App users can introduce different type of data that could be used for batch or real time operations. Data Engineers can subscribe to the input components, read the state introduced by the user and create operations based on that!

Date aggregation

Simple aggregation operations on dates are a key feature of any analytics tool. Shimoku is deploying this feature so that it can be used for internal teams of your company too.

Sub-page Drilldown

Nested pages (URLs) that are not available in the main menu, accessible through components, to significantly increase the User Experience of the users.

Pop-up Drilldown

Drilldown is more than flowing through pages based on details of others, it is also about how that flows. The pop-up drilldown eases the interactivity of Shimoku.

UI update phase II

We believe that UI has been systematically overlooked by Data App creation tools, like something irrelevant. We believe that if Data Apps is about bringing data to business users, the how is important, therefore a new iteration in styles is a must for us to say out loud that Shimoku is the best Data&AI App creator in the world.

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