AI Cross-selling prediction

Predict your Cross-selling opportunities automatically in Real Time thanks to Shimoku's Artificial Intelligence. Actionable AI that allows you to increase the average order size and revenue by customer
AI Lead scoring prediction

Why cross-selling prediction?

Predicting cross-selling opportunities throughout your whole customer base is key to increasing your average order value and customer value

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What product for what customer?

Understanding which are the products with higher probabilities to be purchased by a given customer is key for micro-segmentation and hyper personalization

Drivers & Barriers by micro-segment

Launch targeted recruitment campaigns tailor-made to each micro-segment and buyer persona with AI Explainability technology

AI Lead scoring prediction

Discount simulator

By simulating discount scenarios, and understanding the needs and opportunities with your customers, the simulator allows you to Identify micro-segments of the most price-sensitive Leads: :
Choose Leads to whom minimal price correction triggers more probability of conversion.
Do not apply discounts on leads whose conversion probability does not change with a price reduction.

Success case

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Shimoku philosophy is to ensure that Performance and Aesthetic stay inseparable

Build & Manage Data Products with Shimoku fast & with confidence. We skyrocket the way our clients develop Data Products:

  • check Unlimited number of users for free
  • check No Back-end / Front-end / DevOps / DS required
  • k Machine Learning in minutes
  • check Real time data flow
  • check World class visuals and charts
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