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Do you want to create your own software with artificial intelligence to skyrocket your business model or create a new one? Shimoku AI App Factory is a unique opportunity: we take up to 10 projects a year to develop their Startup software.
AI App Factory

Success Cases

For different sectors we have created top of our technology software that disrupt industries for ever!

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Trading between New York and Hong Kong

Arbitrage consisting in buying a stock in a market and selling it in another, or the other way around. This is what happens between NY and HK with stocks such as Alibaba. Shimoku created a software for a NY trading company that allows any arbitrage trader to take better decissions

Winning MotoGP championship

Together with Aspar Team, Shimoku created a software in 2022 that allows to point out the exact points where every racer has room for improvement so that every racer has a personalized advisor to gain the time to win the world championship

Health for Microbiome

Regenera is a health company based in Spain specialized in microbiome and the psycological effects on it (due to the large amount of neurons in these systems). Shimoku built a software to help any doctor find out what Microbiome alteration is more probable

Imagine a software for your company or business model

If you have in mind a software that can disrupt an industry Shimoku technology & team can be your partner to bring it to live.

We have worked with top racing, trading, health companies among others to help them create a software that fits their business model and help them scale

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Create an AI software business

Shimoku platform allows you to get to the MVP months earlier at a fraction of the cost. We have done it for disruptive business models of all kind

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Move faster than competitors

To have your software with AI is not all, thanks to Shimoku platform and team you can move and iterate double speed than your competitors creating a gap and disrupting the market

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Line char with Stock values, like Down jones, etc. Is decorative.

Shimoku philosophy is to ensure that Performance and Aesthetic stay inseparable

Build & Manage Data Products with Shimoku fast & with confidence. We skyrocket the way our clients develop Data Products:

  • check Unlimited number of users for free
  • check No Back-end / Front-end / DevOps / DS required
  • k Machine Learning in minutes
  • check Real time data flow
  • check World class visuals and charts
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