World class
Data consulting

Shimoku is one of the world-leading technology companies in the Data landscape. Some of our teams are also involved in custom solutions for our top clients

We create your Data SaaS

Turn the glut of your enterprise data into stunning visualizations that instantly make snse to everyone in your team.

AI Custom algorithm

We are experts at creating AI algorithms that can skyrocket your capabilities

ChatGPT Development

GPT-4 development of custom applications for your services or a end2end Product creation on top of GPT technologies


Data engineering to automate some of your tasks so that you can boost your performance

Visualization & Reporting

We have faced hundred of times how to deliver data capabilities to non-technical users through a rich set of solutions

Set Up Data Infrastructure

We can create your Data infrastructure: Data Lake, Data Warehouse, Data Lakehouse or Data Mesh


As AWS Partners we can help with migrations of data services to AWS

Data Consulting

Data application development

data consulting

Advanced Analytics & Data Processing developers

Turn the glut of your enterprise data into stunning visualizations that instantly make snse to everyone in your team.

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Reporting and Dashboard development

We have created for over a hundred companies their Visual Apps, for reporting and BI dashboards For both executives and hands on with a rich catalog of tools to choose what fits you better

AI for Automation and Optimization

Optimize processes is key for all companies worldwide. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most relevant technologies for both automation and optimization.

Prompt engineering and ChatGPT

We have one of the first full stack teams in the world working in ChatGPT tuning it for a variety of sectors and companies worldwide

Stack of technologies

Experience with a large set of Data Technologies

Our team has seniority with a wide range of Data Technologies for DataLake, Datawarehouse, Data Mesh, ETLs, Data Integrations, AI and Visualization

Shimoku philosophy is to ensure that Performance and Aesthetic stay inseparable

Build & Manage Data Products with Shimoku fast & with confidence. We skyrocket the way our clients develop Data Products:

  • check Unlimited number of users for free
  • check No Back-end / Front-end / DevOps / DS required
  • k Machine Learning in minutes
  • check Real time data flow
  • check World class visuals and charts
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